Framed Seating Plans

One of the most elegant,  luxurious  and popular ways to display a wedding seating plan is in a stunning frame.  My framed seating plans start at £65 pounds to hire (£130 to buy) this includes the frame and mounts to hire and of course the personalized printed seating plan inserts (which you can keep after the wedding). Extra embellishment can be added to match your theme at an extra cost.

Luxurious antique style  20” x 30”  (I can do smaller sizes) frames come in five colours – White, Cream/Ivory, Silver, Gold and Black.


If you would like a different style of frame contact me and I am sure we can find one which best suits you and your wedding.

If you would like to keep the frame and mounts then the cost will be from £110 again depending on any embellishment you wish to add. I can also swap the mounts for ones sized to your preference if you would like the frame to hold wedding photos after the wedding day.

Custom Designed

If a frame seating plan isn’t your style and you have some ideas of how you would like your seating plan displayed please feel free to arrange a meeting with me and I am sure we can create whatever your dreaming of having.

Again if you are looking for a budget option I can create unframed seating plans on A2 board from £30.